How the decisions on the final repository are made

The nuclear power industry is responsible for presenting a safe method for the final disposal of spent nuclear fuel. The nuclear power producer's jointly owned company for waste management, SKB, submitted it's application for a final repository according to the KBS-3 method in March 2011. The application was submitted to the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority and the environmental court, which will prepare it before it is examined by the Government. It is the Government that decides how the spent nuclear fuel is to be disposed of. The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste serves in an advisory capacity to the Government before and during the Government’s examination of application.

The licensing process for the final repository for spent nuclear fuel is described here, along with which actors are included in the formal decision process.

The procedure followed in application, examination and decision are described by the:
Environmental Code

Nuclear Activities Act

Schematically, the process for licensing under the Environmental Code and the Nuclear Activities Act can be described as shown below. The Figure is described in detail in the Report 2011:2 Licensing under the Environmental Code and the Nuclear Activities Act of a final repository for spent nuclear fuel.

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