Kärnavfallsrådets seminarium: Ethical Perspectives on the Nuclear Fuel Cycle


Programme and participants 

Introduction to themes


Nyhetsblad 2016:7 Etiska perspektiv på kärnbränslecykeln i heldagsdiskussion

Läs mer om mervärdesavtalet i kapitel 4 Etiska perspektiv på avtalet om stöd till kommunerna och i

Nyhetsblad 2016:3 Positivt mervärdesavtal med etiska utmaningar


The nuclear fuel cycle: technical choices and ethical dilemmas by Behnam Taebi, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Ethical perspectives on risks associated with uranium mining – an international overview by Ingmar Persson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste

The SKB site selection programme – an overview by Jenny Rees, SKB

The Swedish site selection programme – a municipal perspective by Bodil Liedberg Jönsson, Oskarshamn municipality

Finnish and Swedish site selection programmes – different dialogue styles? by Matti Kojo, University of Tampere

The added value agreement –initiative, objectives and programme by Jacob Spangenberg, Östhammar municipality

Ethical evaluation of agreements between nuclear waste disposal authorities and host communities by Mike Hannis, Bath Spa University, UK (No powerpoint presentation)

Ethics and the Future Generations by Gaston Meskens, SCK.CEN, Belgium


Panel 1

Ingmar Persson (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste), Behnam Taebi (Delft University of Technology), Mike Hannis (Bath Spa University), Miles Goldstick (Milkas)

Panel 2

Jenny Rees (SKB), Mike Hannis (Bath Spa University), Matti Kojo (University of Tampere) Jacob Spangenberg (Östhammar municipality), Bodil Liedberg Jönsson (Oskarshamn municipality)

Panel 3

Gaston Meskens (SCK.CEN), Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm (Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste), Christine Anvegård (MKG), Bodil Liedberg Jönsson (Oskarshamn municipality), Johanna Yngve Törnqvist (Östhammar municipality)