Welcome to the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste

The Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste was established by the Swedish Government in 1992.

The Council’s remit is to investigate and clarify matters relating to nuclear waste and decommissioning and dismantling of nuclear facilities and to advise the Government in these matters. The Council also serves as a knowledge base for other stakeholders such as concerned public authorities, the nuclear power industry, municipalities, NGOs, interested members of the public and the mass media.

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State responsibility for certain nuclear activities is clarified

In June 2020 The Swedish Parliament said yes to the government's proposal for legislative changes (from November 1, 2020). The Government's proposal entails legislative changes that clarify the state's responsibility for certain nuclear activities, such as final repositories for nuclear waste and spent nuclear fuel. A permission from the government will be required to finally seal a geological repository. The final responsibility for a geological repository and the waste contained in the facility will rest on the state. The amendments to the law also mean that the responsibility for the safety of a nuclear operation is transferred to the state if there is no one who can fulfil the responsibility (the state´s secondary responsibility).

Swedish report - Joint Convention

Sweden’s seventh national report under the Joint Convention on the safety of spent fuel management and on the safety of radioactive waste management is now available. (October 2020)



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Overview of eight countries - a report

The report of eight countries (status April 2019) provides an overview of how the different countries handle their nuclear waste. This applies in Sweden and the countries where the Nuclear Waste Council has made study visits in recent years: Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, France and the UK.


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